Renee, Treasure has been x-rayed (OFA Good hips and elbows), Treasure has worked out great! :)



Hi Renee,

Have been super busy. Strider is doing well. Pretty much house broken (only the occasional slip). Really bright guy: he knows “come,” and will come to a whistle, also “sit,” and a variety of other things. We have a French door fridge with the freezer on the bottom and when we open it, no matter were in the house he is, he comes running for his ice cube. Then plays hockey on the tile floor. Crate training is accomplished and he has been to several church events. This is a dog who loves a party, but is still reserved with individuals. We all love him—including Gracie (surrogate Mom) and Moses (big brother).
I promised photos and I have some on phone but got to these publicity photos today…will be doing a Blessing of the Animals in conjunction with the launching of a new exhibit on St. Francis at the EPMA. We staged these and it is handy as I am racing to get an email off to you. Will send others later. If this gets published, I will send you a copy.

All is well here—hope it is with you.


Hi Renee,

Its been awhile and I just wanted to update you. (Fourtune & Chief litter). In these pictures Myah is approx. 6 mo. Old ..... She is so precious! And doing great! Everyone that see's her complement's on what beautiful coloring she has! And how soft her coat is. We just love her! She is really well mannered too. Thanks again. And also for all your advice on vaccinations and supplements.

Take care,


Hi Renee,

It's been awhile so I figured I'd send an update on Chevelle. She's doing wonderful of course. Definitely the most loveable of my pack. She will cuddle with you for hours if you let her.

Best Regards,
The Moore Family


Hello Renee! Just updating you... First of all, Zoey is my angel. She has bonded so strong to me and I absolutely love it. It still amazes me how incredibly smart and beautiful she is. I saw that you had more liver pups so I thought you might want pictures of zoey now that she is a little older.....



November 22, 2014
Hey Renee!! Hope you and your pack are all very well and enjoying the start of the Holiday Season! I am sending pics of our darling boy. Cannot believe he is 11 months old already. The pictures were taken about a month ago when the fall colors were in full display. So so fun!! Feel free to use these pics as you wish.

Pan (and Kincaid) are growing into such wonderful dogs. Their training - while different - is really kicking in and people rave about them everywhere we go. Kincaid has been hunting and learning about waterfowl & upland game bird retrieving.....

Panzer has been going to work with me (I am a Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach) and he has been learning about being an appropriate Therapy Dog. He loves people and is very good at "snuggling" - putting his head in your lap and "quiet" - laying down at your feet. He and Kincaid both go to Doggy Daycare two times per week and they play with other dogs until they are spent! Just like his great-uncle Joshua, Panzer loves playing with little dogs and chasing/being chased.

Much love to you! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!
Bree, Mark, Avah, Panzer, Kincaid

April 9, 2014
Hey Renee!
Pan is growing so so fast!! He continues to be a trouble maker...but I absolutely think he is AMAZING! .... He is a love and we are obsessed with staring into each others eyes! Sending some pictures for you.

Hope you are well :)
Bree & Mark

February 28, 2015
He's here!!!
Steel Cross' Shades of Silver Pandemonium "Panzer"

Thanks Renee, for everything!!!
Bree, Mark, and Avah


Jäger …is without a doubt the best dog I have ever known. I absolutely love and adore him. He is such a noble and courageous dog. I can’t ever say enough…..…..I am so grateful for your passion for German Shepherds because without your expertise and love for the breed; I would not have Jäger.


Sal Gonzalez
El Paso, Texas

Joshua, The Gentle Giant, February 1, 2002 - June 13, 2013


Search and Rescue dog Retired

Apollo SCH1, Hero - Search and Rescue dog (retired), and Tasha

Reign, Ranger, CC, and Ace

Hi Renee,

I got a new Shepherd. Her name is Meltdown, She knows sit stay really well! Reign thinks she is kind of boring because she doesn't want to play. Her conformation isn't perfect but she is quite beautiful in her own way. Reign is almost five and a half and he continues to be a great guy and a fun happy pup. He also is ever watchful, making sure I know whats going on around the house.


Dear Renee,

I have loved all the dogs I have gotten from you. Even though it is sad to loose your longtime friends they add so much to your life. You learn to treasure the time you had with them. You realize that you can respect their memory and add a new friend not meant to replace them but to start a new chapter in your life.

Thank you for my new chapter,
Kathy with Reign

Dear Renee,

Well my boy has turned one and just wanted to give you an update. Reign is a wonderful dog. His temperament is very balanced and he guards the yard but is tolerant of strangers when we want him to be. He loves playing and he is a happy guy, wags his tail so much my son said Reign wouldn’t need to bite an intruder he could just beat them into submission with his tail. He is a pleasure to have and he makes me laugh. He is so agile and loves to play in the water especially when I spray the water from the hose. I just wish we lived closer to you so I could get you to train him like you trained my old Ranger that we got from you years ago. Reign would love the work. I find it hard to trust most of the people who say they are dog trainers around here, I guess I will have to bite the bullet and pick one out. I just have to figure out which ones can really train and not just feed the dog treats. Reign also has such beautiful conformation. He is just fun to look at running around the yard. I also love his dark face. No one can tell what he’s thinking and as far as I am concerned that’s great because they are just a little intimidated by it. That’s one reason to have my big German Shepherd , makes me feel a little bit safer in this crazy world. Thank you for breeding such nice all around dogs!

Jan. 2011
Texas, USA

UPDATE: 2013

Hi Renee,

Reign is doing fine. He is turning 4 soon and he still is such a fun guy. It was raining one day and I looked out in the yard. He decided he needed to check out the world from a new vantage point and climbed in the lawn chair and then on the table. He looked like a trophy standing on the table. He just looked around sat down a few minutes then jumped down. He only did it once and I was lucky enough to get a picture. I had his hips x-rayed and thought you would like to see them. The vet said he was excellent, at almost four years old.

Thank you again for my boy,
Texas, USA

Ace, Our First German Shepherd 1985


We got Ace before our son was born and I had never had a German Shepherd before. He was so smart and even as a puppy he could tell who was not a “good” person. We had an acquaintance that would come to our house and Ace would never let this man touch him, (Ace liked everyone else). Later this same man did some dishonest things against us. Ace loved his squeaky toy. He never chewed it up and would squeak it a couple of minutes every night then go to sleep. He was a great guard dog even though we had not formally trained him. People would mess around by our back yard fence and Ace would let them know to move on. One day I came home from work and our front door was open. I got Ace from the back yard and sent him in the front door, we went room to room and I watched him for his response, it was “all clear”. That is how much I could trust Ace to let me know when something wasn’t right. Much better than a human clearing the house! He’s presence made life more secure and he was a good friend. He was such a good dog.


Our next Shepherd was Radical Ranger 1990

My name is Kathy, and I would like to tell you about our German Shepherd that we purchased from Renee. I prefer my last name not be used, and you will soon read why. About eleven years ago my little sister was stabbed to death by her estranged husband. He is a black belt in karate, and has special training in knife tactics. (specifically how to kill quickly and silently) after two trials he was found insane and sent to the state psychiatric prison for evaluation. He was there for 120 days and then released. During the time the trials were taking place my "brother in law" was free on bond. I felt very insecure and vulnerable so i decided to purchase a dog to be our family protector. We had already owned one of Renee's German Shepherds (Ace) that we loved, so we talked to her about the type of pup we were in need of at that time. We decided on a dark black and tan pup that we named Radical Ranger. Ranger has been a wonderful family pet and guardian. When we got ranger our son was 4 years old. They played all sorts of games that my son would think up. Luckily for Ranger none of the games were dress up. Ranger is a very well balanced and devoted dog. He has always been a serious guy, even at six weeks old when we first got him.

We started training him in personal protection work when he was nine months old. He acted like he had already been training for weeks during just the first session.

He was exceptional throughout the whole process. At the end of training he was off leash personal protection trained and worked in any environment. Ranger was the exact type of dog we needed. Having Ranger throughout the years has added to our lives, and made me feel much more at ease knowing he is here. I feel he would protect us to the death if needed.  Luckily we have not had any confrontations, but I believe just having him with us has kept us safe. He is a very imposing dog in person, and people immediately have respect for him. Ranger has always lived up to his name, because in everything he does he is "Radical". He goes to the extreme to please you. He plays ball until you drop. He was always fierce in his protection work and is completely devoted to his family. He has always been our "Ranger", our guard, our protector.

We also got a little girl from Renee, C.C. 1991

During this same time period we got a beautiful female Shepherd from Renee whom my son named C.C. For her AKC papers we put in Calypso Cayte to stand for the initials C.C. She was a very attentive girl to our son and when we went to the park she never took her eyes off of him. She also slept in his room with him. She taught our son so many things about life, especially when she had a litter of puppies. He sat next to her whelping bed and would make sure everything was o.k. and count the puppies when they arrived. He learned the wonder of life and also of death as one puppy didn’t make it. He learned responsibility to help care for all the little ones and how to be gentle and hold them. We all had much fun with our C.C. / Ranger babies growing up.





November 14, 2014
Hi Renee
Wanted to give you an update and let you know we moved to Louisiana and Shasa is doing well. My mother was won over, when she drove 3 days from AZ to LA with me, my 2 girls and Shasa in the van. Shasa stayed alert and protective the entire trip and made us feel safe.
We live on base and the gate guards always comment how beautiful she is when we drive on base. The k9 units here are comprised of german shepherds or as my youngest says "shasa dogs" when she sees them. My neighbor has two large dogs who like to play with her and the kids' friends love her.
Lately she is my running buddy as I train for a half marathon. Ben (my oldest) has been reading any book on GSD he can find. He wanted me to ask you if you had any pictures of Shasa's puppies. We were hoping someone sent you an update on one of them. Hope all is well... Take Care Rebecca

Hi Renee,

Just wanted to let you know that Shasa is doing well. You were right and it took about a month for her to integrate completely. She does so well with the kids and is very protective of Jenna. She tries to mother her also but not too extreme. She bonded first and the strongest with me. (I probably spoil her the most too :)

She likes to be by my side and really makes me feel safe when James isn't around. I don't even need a leash when we are in my yard area because she listens to me so well. I joke with my friends that my Shepherd has better recall than my toddler. She is more leery of strangers (especially men) when James is not around.

A few weeks ago though we had someone come to fix our microwave (which was in a separate room from the cage) and I put her in her kennel at first but after she busted out twice so I let her stay by my side. She didn't like a stranger in our home when she didn't have line of sight of me. She was perfectly nice to him but sat by me with her ears up the entire time. I love how she is such a goof ball with me and the kids (lovable and cuddly) then looks so intimidating the next minute if needed. She won my husband over completely a few weeks ago. We heard some rumbling outside and James having been a cop before jumped up to check it out and Shasa was standing at full point and looked just like a police dog. It turned out to be a family of Javelinas eating the kid’s pumpkins outside. Shasa wanted to go get them but we didn't let her out of course.

I have gotten lots of compliments on how pretty she looks and how great she is with the kids.

Thank you again. She is definitely the best fit for our family and I am glad we were able to get her. I finally feel like my family is complete :)


Hi Renee,

Everything is going well. In case anyone wants to know how well your dogs do with kids you can see below. :) She also loves to play "get the squirrel" with the older two where she grabs her squirrel toy (or any other stuffed toy) and runs. The kids chase her and she turns to make sure they are following. She turns and pivots on them. Its hilarious!

Take Care

Cappy and Shelby

My Family And I Are Very Happy With Cappy And Shelby. Thanks For All The Good Information You Provided.
Dolores Rodriguez
New Mexico



Baron was so gentle that he would make room for his impetuous, little fireball, Dachshund puppy to join him after Diesel decided he liked Baron's food better!
Baron is THE MOST GENTLE and LOVING DOG you could ever imagine! He is such an ideal pet that at times I think he's human.

December, 2004



Bullet is so smart! He knows when we are talking about him, even when we don't use his name. He knows a lot of things, we don't know how he knows them, because we never taught him. When I was sick, Bullet stayed and protected me until I was well enough to get out of bed. After Bullet has his bath, his hair is soft and silky. He has big beautiful white teeth. Bullet has a lot of energy and is really playful. We have lots of fun togehter.
Adam - 10 years old
Tuscon, AZ
Sept 23, 2003


Hello Renee,

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how Zeus was doing, and to thank you again for the wonderful ball of joy that you have brought into my life. Everyone who sees him is amazed at how big and beautiful that he is. He is soo sweet and playful, especially with my 2 yr old nephew. Here are a couple of pictures.

Thanks again,
Samantha-Phoenix, Arizona
August 2003



Hello Renee,

I wanted to let you know the puppy is doing great!!! He fits right in!!! He is so cute!!!We love him to pieces!!!

He even goes in his kennel (we leave the door open during the day)all by himself to take naps during the day and in the evening. He has us timed just right that if he stays out in the back yard all night, he is at the bedroom window waking us up exactly two (2) minutes before the alarm goes off. He is very smart!!!

When our son went away for one (1) week, he kept checking his bedroom. I will close for now, but I will keep you updated on the puppy!!

See ya later,

I just wanted to tell you how THOR (I think you were correct when you said Thor is too smart for his own good) took the liberty of opening one of his gifts last night. I had a squeaky red ball I had wrapped and left in my bedroom closet. Joe and I were standing in our bedroom talking as I was hanging clothes up in my closet. I knew that Thor was in the room, but he must have taken the present right out from under our noses. Nobody noticed!!! My son asked me, Mom did you give him his red ball already?? I said no, but it did not dawn on me until I walked out into the family room and would you believe, right in front of the Christmas Tree

(I guess he had the right idea to open his present in front of the Christmas Tree) was a pile of shredded wrapping paper!!!! We all laughed so hard!!! He looked at us with some pieces of Tinsel hanging from his big lips!!! (Apparently he took some Tinsel off the Tree to be a little Festive!!!) So now I'm going to go and buy him some more toys and wrap them up, just to watch him open them. I think it will be a blast with him for Christmas!!!

Luckily the stocking w/toys I got for him is still in one piece!!! I just thought you would enjoy that story!!! See, he is too smart for his own good and very, very spoiled also!!!!

Take Care.

Thor and Glory

I just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on the dogs. Our little Glory is just the sweetest little thing!!!

She is so cute and she sits and shakes your hand just like Thor does!!! She is truly a doll!!! Glory is a good eater and for the most part stays in the crate all night long. She sometimes wakes up usually around 4:00 AM. I wait a little bit for her to go back to sleep and sometimes she does, if she does not it usually means she has to go outside and take care of business. She really has not had any accidents in the house lately. She has been pretty good. She is very BOLD when playing with Thor. I think he just loves her to pieces.

He seems to be very careful not to hurt her. If he steps on her or makes her cry in any way, it seems to upset him.

We took Glory for a walk with him on the sidewalk one day and she did very well!!! She was so cute trotting along with the rest of us on her leash!!!

We want to thank you for all the good information you gave us, and also for all the great training tips.

Take care and I hope to talk with you soon!!!

Vickie - Heroine of the Night

Miss Vickie
Oct 12, 1990 - Feb 18, 2002

Early Monday evening Vicky collapsed. She died in my arms around 10:30.
If ever a dog possessed all the German Shepherd traits, it was my "Girl".
Loyal, faithful, protective, intelligent! She was leader of the pack right up to
the end. On two separate occasions, she took rattlesnake bites meant for me.
She treed a man on the kitchen table who had broken in.
She stopped a second burglar with a bite and hold position in the kitchen.
We buried her under an evergreen tree, close to our other shepherds,
Yashica, Tanya, Hondo, Akela, Elizabeth and JoeJoe.
Death has put yet another hole thru my sunshine.

Do Dogs Go To Heaven? Absolutely!
Las Cruces, New Mexico


Again, for the second time, Vickie  took charge, as leader of the pack, and defended us all. She, Dolly and Smokey, 5 mo old pup, were all on the floor of our bedroom and Belle was at the foot of our bed. Calvin woke me and said there was a rattlesnake on the floor. "How do you know?" "heard the rattle." Turn on the light" I screamed! Got the dogs out of the room. Calvin ran barefoot out in the rainstorm and dark to get a weapon. Got the snake under the shovel and killed it. THEN, thought to check the dogs.Only Vickie had taken a hit.

Met our vet, who said he believes she will live thru it. She had snake venom last Oct, so this time she only was given steroids and a lot of morphine like drug for the pain. Back in with Vickie this morning and the swelling has gone down - more morphine. She can hardly walk -won't eat, drink or go potty. She looks really bad. Jowls are all swollen. Dr McElyea said had the snake gotten her 2 centimeters over, it would have gotten the eye, which would cause the brain to swell, the eyeball could fall out, lose her sight and most likely would not have made it. Had she not challenged the snake, causing it to rattle, we would not have woke up -- hard telling what disaster could have happened. Dr Mc said had the pup been bitten, she probably would not have made it.

Last Oct we had 3 rattlers outside our front door - I was only aware of two. The 3rd was about to strike my leg, when Vickie grabbed it. Vickie got bit, snake ran and Dolly chased it clear across the yard. She was pretty bad that time also. Dr Mc said she had probably built up some immunity this time and that should help her. My poor Girl is 11, getting frail, arthritis in her feet and I have been babying her and giving her special treatment -- Now she has to face this ordeal.
Next time anyone comes to visit, would you like to sleep in our bedroom???

Love to all.
Las Cruces, New Mexico


Many thanks for all your well wishes and messages of encouragement!! We tend to forget sometimes, just how important kind words are. Vickie finally started eating today - albeit the expensive canned food from the vet and medium well liver!!! Still has nothing to do with her normal dry food, or hamburger! Her mouth, gums and lips have been really sore and full of swelling -- not to mention her swollen tongue. Yesterday she would take a couple bites, but only if I hand fed her with my fingers!

Dr Mc says she will be fine -and next time a snake breaks in, her immunity will be even higher. Belle was begging for some of that expensive food and I had to remind her that all she did was stand in the middle of the bed and look at the snake -- she said she was tracking it. As Dolly begged, I reminded her that all she did was stand on the other side of the bed and tug at my elbow -- she said she was only trying to wake me up. Dolly never sleeps ON the bed, but the first night after the snake slithered in, she ran ahead of everyone and jumped right in the middle of the bed - didn't want to sleep on the floor!

And, as sick as Vickie has been, the first night and every night since, the first thing she does is check the area around the sliding glass door. She is a one in a million dog!!

Thanks again for caring about us.
Laverne, Calvin and Vickie
Las Cruces, New Mexico