Welcome to Steel Cross Shepherds

Steel Cross German Shepherd Dogs is owned and operated by Renee A. Thacker. Renee has over forty five years experience of breeding and training German Shepherd Dogs. She started at seven years old with her first German Shepherd, Rink, and a lifelong passion began. Much of her training expertise is founded on these early years as she learned the “language” of the German Shepherd Dog. She has trained dogs in basic obedience, off leash obedience, personal protection and service work. Through the years Steel Cross Shepherds have served as police dogs, drug detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, schutzhund sport dogs (which includes obedience, tracking and protection), and also in the show ring. Probably the most important job that Steel Cross Shepherds have fulfilled is that of a loyal family guardian.

Renee has always bred for the German Shepherd Dog standard and not followed the “fashion” of the moment. Steel Cross Shepherds have been bred with working ability, to have correct conformation, and to have an impressive handsome presence about them.